NOTE: You MUST be a PAID-UP DOAI member in good standing to join the eGroup!
You MUST ensure that your eGroup email address (if different from your normal email address) is in the DOAI member database! If it is not, you will be removed during periodic reviews which are done to ensure that only current members are allowed access to the eGroup! You can check what eGroup email address is on file with DOAI by going to the DOAI Home Page and clicking the LOG IN button. After you log in, your eGroup email address will be displayed along with your DOAI membership renewal date. To change your eGroup email address, just send an email to the Membership Coordinator with the details.

What is the E-group?

The eGroup is a collection of other Discovery Owners Association club members that communicate together via an e-mail list processor.  When someone sends an e-mail to the eGroup list processor, the e-mail is sent to everyone else on the eGroup list.  This is a great way to ask questions and get invaluable information from other Discovery Owners Association members!

Do I need any special software?

The only thing you need is e-mail!  You can use your cell phone, tablet or computer.

Detailed Instructions
Any current DOAI member can join the eGroup. However, since it is a private group, the ONLY way to join the group is send an email request to the DOAI Webmaster. After you join the eGroup, you will have also have access to the eGroup website where you can search past messages or browse helpful files or pictures others have posted.

A Yahoo account is required to join the eGroup. If you don't have one, get one now HERE. Shortly after you email your request to join the eGroup, you will receive a pre-approved Invitation to join the eGroup. Note that this email will come from Yahoo (not the webmaster). Click the Join This Group button.

This takes you to the main DOAI eGroup page. Click the + Join Group button.

It is recommended that you use your real name. Note that the email address is the address that the invitation was sent to. ALL eGroup email will be sent to this email address. ALSO, messages can only be posted from this email account. This prevents non-members from posting. Instructions for changing this will be provided later. Choose how you want your eGroup messages delivered. Individual emails will result in a new eGroup email in your inbox every time someone posts a message (you may want to set up your email program to group these in a special folder). Daily Digest rolls up all daily posts into one email. Special Notices you will only receive email that is marked as a Special Notice, typically only highly important or urgent email. You can also opt to not receive any email you can browse the messages on the web and you can still post. Type in the CAPTCHA code to prove you are human and click the Send Request button.

Congratulations, you are now a member of the eGroup!

eGroup Hints, Tips and Tricks

You can ask a question to the eGroup by sending an email to - this should be used for every NEW message. Please do not "hijack" an existing message by changing the subject or the Subject Line of the email. ALSO, Discovery coaches can have very significant differences between models (such as 36T, 39L, etc) AND model years. To assist the answering of your question, please post your year and model. It also helps if you include your chassis (Freightliner or Spartan) and Engine (Cat or Cummins). For common courtesy, please include your full name. The success of the eGroup depends on our helping each other, and sometimes this requires a significant amount of time....please read all responses and reply if required. Using the Threaded or Conversations feature of your Email program will help ensure that your question and the responses are all grouped together for less confusion.

You might find it easier to have an "Email Signature" for your posts the the eGroup. If you have a smartphone, you can add a shortcut to your signature in Keyboard settings. If you are using a Windows computer, you can use the free PhraseExpress program. Using keyboard shortcuts for phrases, different email signatures, or even canned responses saves a tremendous amount of time. If you have any questions about keyboard shortcuts for you smartphone or PhraseExpress, Google and YouTube are your friends.

The advantage of the eGroup versus the Bulletin Board is that you will likely get a much quicker response to your request.

You can also search past eGroup postings to research your question for a solution. First, go to and log into your Yahoo account. On the thin dark bar near the top of the page, click on Groups. You should see a screen similar to this:

The far left column lists all the Yahoo Groups you belong to. Along the top is the Search bar this is where you can type in anything you want to search for. Immediately below are links for Conversations (this is all the email postings), Photos and Files that members have uploaded. To the far right of the Search Bar is a gear icon which is for Settings. Place this mouse over this icon and select Account Info from the drop-down menu. You are now on the following page, and Profile is selected by default. If you look under your name, you probably only have one email address listed. This is the email address the eGroup sends your email to AND the email address that you MUST use to post messages to the eGroup. However, you can add additional email addresses which will allow you to post to the eGroup from any that you add. This is very handy, for example, if you also wanted to post a message from work. This Account Information page is also where you can change all other information about your Yahoo Account.

Postings to this group are NOT MODERATED.  Anything you post to the E-Group will automatically be sent to ALL other E-Group members.  If you want to say something to a member privately, do not post it to the list!

Postings of any objectionable material wil result in your being suspended or banned from the eGroup. Posting SHALL NOT include a "signature line" advertising a business and business advertising is also not permitted in the subject matter of the eGroup posting.