A Chapter of Discovery Owners Association, Inc.
BYLAWS - Original
Approved: Nov. 9, 2011


The name of this chapter shall be D'Zonas.


The purpose of the chapter shall be to plan and conduct rallies, enhance common interests, and promote social contact among Discovery owners.


Section 1
The chapter is formed as part of the Discovery Owners Association, Inc., a non-profit, volunteer organization, and membership in the chapter shall be as follows:
a. Membership in D'Zonas is contingent upon (1) owning a Discovery motor home, (2) continuing membership in DOAI, and (3) paying such dues in a timely manner, as set forth by the chapter governing board.
b. Charter members are those who organized and joined the chapter October 22, 2011.

Section 2
Annual dues for the chapter shall be recommended by the officers and accepted by the members. Member dues are payable during January. Failure to pay the annual dues by February 1 shall revoke the member?s voting privileges until the delinquent dues are paid.


Officers of the chapter shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Rally Master and Immediate Past President. Each officer shall perform the duties that usually pertain to these respective offices. A majority vote by the members via email ballot shall elect each nominee for office and the officers shall serve for two (2) years or until their respective successor has been duly elected and installed. The elections will be held in the months of November/December.


Section 1
The chapter officers shall be the governing board and administrative body of the chapter and shall also perform such functions and duties as ordered by majority vote of the members at an annual meeting (this meeting may be either in person or electronic).

Section 2

Vacancies on the board shall be nominated by the President and approved by a majority of the board for the balance of the officer's un-expired term.

Section 3
Chapter officers shall hold board meetings as they deem necessary. The President or Vice President, plus any two officers, constitute a quorum for board meetings. On any specific issue or question under consideration, absentee officers may mail their vote to the Secretary.


Section 1
Nominating Committee: A Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members selected by a majority vote of the members at the annual meeting. The chairperson will report the slate of candidates to the membership via email during the last quarter of the election year. Nominations will also be accepted from the membership. Election will take place via email vote in November/December.. Those elected will assume their duties January 1 following their election.

Section 2
Other Committees: Other committees may be appointed by the President from time to time and shall act for the duration of the designated purpose.


Section 1
Regular meetings or rallies of the chapter shall be held at least two (2) times a year. The dates, day, hour, and locations shall be fixed by the Rally Master and the Rally Hosts, with approval of the President, and shall be published in the chapter electronic newsletter.

Section 2
The annual meeting of the membership shall be at the first rally in the fiscal year, unless changed by the board, with notification to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

Section 3
Special meetings of the membership may be called by the President, with concurrence of any two officers, upon notification to all members at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

Section 4
A quorum to conduct chapter business shall consist of not less than fifteen percent (15%) of the members. On matters of chapter business, each adult member shall have one (1) vote.

Section 5
The fiscal year for the chapter shall begin January 1 and end December 31.

Section 6
Order of business:

a. Call to order
b. Roll call
c. Introduction of guests and non-members
d. Reading of minutes of previous meeting
e. Treasurer?s report
f. Old (unfinished) business
g. New business
h. Announcements by members
i. Adjournment


Section 1
Proposed changes/amendments to the bylaws will be mailed to each active member in good standing at least thirty (30) days prior to a vote. The bylaws may then be amended with a majority vote of the members.

Section 2
Robert's Rules of Order shall govern on any item not specifically covered by the bylaws.

Section 3

Upon final approval of these bylaws, the Secretary shall provide a copy to each current member of the chapter, and shall ensure that a copy is furnished to new members as they join. The Secretary shall provide access to a copy of the bylaws for all members at meetings who do not bring their own copy.

Section 4

The D'Zonas chapter will operate under these bylaws and bylaws of the Discovery Owners Association, Inc., which shall take precedence over this document in the event of any conflicting section.


Section 1
Should the activities of the chapter terminate, as determined by a majority of the board, any property or chapter funds shall be disposed of as follows and approved by the members:
  • a. Property shall be offered for sale to chapter members before being offered for sale to the general public, or for donation to a non-profit organization.
  • b. All funds, after debts, shall be donated to a non-profit organization to be designated by a majority of the board.


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