A Chapter of Discovery Owners Association, Inc.
Standing Rules - Original
Approved: Nov. 9, 2011


  1. Dues structure adopted: $12 per year, per rig, due in January. New members dues will be pro-rated at $1 per month for the remaining months of the given year.
  2. Chapter name and logo (TBD) adopted.
  3. Rally fund will be kept as a separate account in treasurer?s books.
  4. Rally hosts may request and receive up-front funds from the treasurer for deposits, etc., when preparing for a rally.
  5. Rally fee will be $2.50 per person and should be included on registration form for each rally. Rally fee covers such expenses as donuts, napkins, etc. Any excess from a rally will go into the chapter?s rally fund for future rally use.
  6. Chapter will order and pay for name tags for new members as they join. Note ? once we have name tags
  7. Former D'Zonas members who no longer own a Discovery can be invited as guests when appropriate. Guests will pay the same rally fees as members.

2012 Officers:

President and Rally Master: Mike Scott
Vice President: Paul Smith
Secretary and Treasurer: Judy Scott

Chapter Charter Members:

Mike & Judy Scott
Paul & Doris Smith
Larry & Cathy Hawkins
Grant & Lois Johnson
Bob & Nina Soltwedel


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