Our 2000 36T broke it first bay door latch and after hearing that it is a bit of a hassel to remove the end of the door trim I tried a different approach. I decided to cut a small access window in the back (inside) of the door so I would have access to the lock nuts and be able to remove the latch.

Using a heavy razor knife and small hammer I cut a window 3 inches (distance between the screws holding the latch) by 2 inches. The material is thin and fairly easy to cut. I made the cut 1 inch from the frame edge to so as not to interfere with the door gasket. On this particular latch the gasket was not along the door edge but I wanted to see if this procedure would work on doors where the gasket was near the edge. Applying masking tape to the area and marking out the cut first helps to keep the razor knife from slipping. Propping the door open with a board and having a friend steady it helps also.

Used a small knife to remove any Styrofoam in the way of the lock nuts. I was able to reach in with a pair of long nose vise grips and grab the nuts while unscrewing the bolt with a Philips. The latch came out easily.

I glued the nuts in place on the new latch with goop so it would be easy to lineup the bolt when put back in place. See PIC

Put the new latch in place, started the bolts and was able to hold the nuts with a nut driver while tightening the Philips head bolt.

Made a cover from thin white plastic and screwed in place. Next time will be a piece of cake to replace.

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