To add custom places, download and unzip the file that you want to unzip from the CoPilot / Text column and follow the directions below:

  1. In CoPilot?s Planning Mode, choose Import Custom Places from the Tools menu to open the Import Custom Places Wizard.
  2. Choose Import from an existing file. Click Next.
  3. In the next Wizard screen, browse to the file you want to import. Use the Category pick list to indicate a POI category for your imported places if you don?t wish to have them assigned to Custom. You can also create up to five types of places within the selected category. To do that, select a type in the ?of Type? pick list, then click Edit Type Name and enter a name (e.g. ?WalMart?, ?Super Wally?, etc.), click OK. Click Next.
  4. In the next screen (shown below) you?ll see the data from your file sorted into columns. If the columns do not look correct, you need to indicate which delimiter CoPilot should recognize to separate the fields in your file into columns. You will also need to indicate if the first row contains column headings (none of the Discovery files use column headings).
  5. See the screenshot below. Click on the name at the top of each column to make the column headings match the data. The first column is ?latitude?, the second is ?longitude? and the third is ?name?. Click Next.
  6. In this window you may wish to save this column name arrangement under a name such as ?WalMart files? for easier use next time. Leave the file extension as ?TXT?. Click ?Finish?.
  7. The resulting Data Import Status window should show all entries as exact matches, since we provided latitudes and longitudes for locations, rather than street addresses.
  8. Click ?Add? to add all accepted places to the CoPilot database. To later view, edit, and delete custom places, select Manage Custom Places from the Tools menu in Planning Mode.
  9. Make sure that in the ?Map Features? window, ?Custom POIs? is checked. You will now see a small pushpin on the map for each entry in the imported file. If you pass your cursor over one of these, the text from the ?name? column will appear. If you have selected ?Show names on POIs other than cities? (from the Map tab in the Options window under ?Tools?), the text will be displayed always.
  10. RETURN