A while back, several members (including me) were having issues with their Dometic Oasis Elite door awning not retracting completely shut. Today, after consulting with Dometic, I finally got around to correcting the problem and the adjustment was very simple without removing anything.

  1. Open the awning about a foot.
  2. On the underside of the left end cap area (facing the door) you will see a red dial at the end of the awning cylinder with two allen wrench adjustments. See picture.
  3. The front allen wrench adjustment is to adjust the amount of extension and the rear one (closets to the coach) is to adjust the amount of retraction. Both are marked with a + sign and arrows for direction.
  4. Place the allen wrench in the rear adjustment and turn it in 1/16 of an inch increments in the + direction (CLOCKWISE) as you extend and retract the awning until it closes completely.

Hopefully, this will help others on the list with the newer model 975 Oasis Elite door awning.

Submitted by Keith J. Lindholm