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Removal and Water Tube Replacement

Al Macklin had the "pleasure" of replacing the ice maker hose between the solenoid and the ice maker on his Dometic Model 1292 refrigerator in his 99D 36T. In order to replace that tube it is generally agreed that the refrigerator has to me removed from the cabinet.  This procedure is pretty much the same for all older Discovery's that had Dometic refrigerators.

In the process of doing that job Al kindly made a detailed description of the steps necessary to remove and replace the refrigerator, replace the tube and the installation of additional exhaust fans to the roof top refrigerator vent.

His description of the job is HERE as a PDF file (opens in new tab or window).
And the pictures he took while doing it are HERE, also as a PDF file (opens in new tab or window).

Posted 08/04/2012