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A few weeks ago, I noticed that the air flow from the air conditioners would diminish with use, and the coil seemed to be "icing"....there were several helpful suggestions, but none of which seemed to help my situation.   Yesterday, I removed the filter and inside cover and found the cooling coil completely plugged with dust and other debris.  

The "fix" is to remove the ductwork attached under the cooling coil, and carefully clean the inside coil with a small hairbrush.   A vaccuum helps, but the brush will get between the fins and work out the debris.   The fins are fragile, so use care in removing the debris.   None of this work is done on the roof, as all the components are inside the coach.   The ductwork is held be 4 screws, and the outside "rim" of the cold air return must first be removed to access the ductwork.   There is some exposed wiring, so make sure there is no power to the a/c unit.   This should be a maintence event every couple years as it results in much more efficient cooling.  

Here are some pictures.   Click on an image for a larger view.  

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Denny Meyhre