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Many shower skylights don't have a way to block the sunlight and heat from entering the coach. We decided to remedy that issue. We went to a foam and fabric outlet, and at the advice of the owner, purchased a 40 inch by 40 inch piece of 2 inch high density gray foam (cost ~$21.00). We then removed the screws that hold up the inner skylight, and removed it. We laid the skylight on top of the foam, and using a marks a lot, marked the outline of the skylight. Next, we marked a line 3/4 inch inside of the marked outline of the skylight, exact size of the skylight. This compensates for the lip on the skylight, but still leaves enough foam to compress when it is installed. We replaced the skylight, then installed the foam. What a difference it makes to the light in the coach and the cooling. The picture below shows the foam in place.

Submitted by Jim Fox