If you have a satellite receiver, here is a nifty way to enjoy hours of your favorite music without purchasing a CD player....

When we go to bed at night or are away for the day, we set the satellite dish to one of the CD Audio channels and then tape the music on our VCR.   We then play the tape back through the TV while we are on the road.   Note that you will have to plug the TV into the right outlet for the TV to work off the inverter while you are travelling.
(Submitted by Bob Cook.


The video selector box that comes with the D only has inputs for three RF sources, and we used our three for the VHF/UHF antenna, VCR and satellite.   This caused problems when we either wanted to hook up to campground cable or use our external, ground-mount satellite dish for those times when the roof dish was obstructed.   You can easily solve this problem by using the audio/video OUTPUT of your satellite dish (or VCR) and connecting to the audio/video INPUT of the TV.   As an added bonus, we no longer have to get up off the couch to switch between broadcast TV and satellite, as we can accomplish this with the remote using the TV/VIDEO button on the satellite remote!
Submitted by Bob Cook