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PLEASE NOTE: The Official DOAI Bulletin Board is not very active lately as the majority of our users looking for a DOAI Forum atmosphere have mostly switched over to the official DOAI eGroup site. There is a large wealth of information on the DOAI eGroup site and answers to your questions generally happen much faster. This does not mean the Bulletin Board is going away. There is a vast amount of knowledge in the Bulletin Board that we are not willing to let go of. Please feel free to sign up for the Bulletin Board and browse wherever you like. Just please do not expect a quick answer to any questions. For more information on the Official DOAI eGroup site, please click here.


On the BB main page, MAKE SURE that your Category Group is set to "All categories you have access to" - this is immediately below the DOAI logo at the top left of the page.


You must register a username and password on the BB to post messages. Please do NOT use your numeric login.
YOU MUST send an email to the WEBMASTER advising us when you register and let us know the username you selected. New users require webmaster approval.
Failure to advise the webmaster of your pending registration request WILL RESULT in its being automatically rejected.
Click here to enter the Bulletin Board. (opens in new window/tab)


The DOAI Bulletin Board is a place where anyone can go to post and read messages concerning DOAI, the Discovery coach and general RV'ing. You must be a full member or associate of DOAI to use the Bulletin Board.
Messages are posted by TOPIC. Topics will be added in the future dependent on interest of the group.


No special software is required.

Instructions are available below (highly recommend that you read this below) and additional info is available by cicking the FAQ link on the Bulletin Board (top right).

NOTE: You will not receive any notification or email when someone makes a post to the Bulletin Board (unlike the eGroup).

Instructions for using the new Bulletin Board

NOTE - As the Bulletin Board administrator, I see different screens than you do, but I will do my best to help you get familiar with the new BB. Also note - this is also a learning experience for me too!
The first thing that you will want to do is REGISTER. You MUST be a REGISTERED user to post messages to the new Bulletin Board. By limiting the ability to post to Registered Users, we are able to prohibit postings from anyone that makes objectionable postings.
NOTE - there is no preset username or password, and the username and password that you use on the Bulletin Board is not related to any other username or password on the DOAI site. So, you can register with any username and password that you like. Just keep track of it! You can retrieve your password from the system if you remember your username. If you forget your username, I can retrieve that for you, but I will not be able to retrieve your password. You really do not want to have someone else to have the ability to retrieve you password as many of us use the same password for more than one thing!
Also, by registering, you should be recognized the next time you access the BB and you will also be shown folders (in purple) that contain new postings since your last visit. However, in order to use this feature, you must allow cookies to be placed on your computer. Note that these cookies contain no spy ware or other bad things. Also, your information and email address will NOT be sold or shared with anyone. Additional information about cookies is in the FAQ file, accessible from the top of the Bulletin Board page. ALSO note that cookies expire 30 days from the last time you accessed the Bulletin Board, so if your last access was more than 30 days ago, you will have to login again manually.
Note that clicking the LOGOUT link will delete the cookie from your computer. Since this cookie also stores your userid and encrypted password, you will have to remember this information the next time you access the Bulletin Board. For this reason, I recommend that you use the HOME link or your browser back button to exit the BB. I highly recommend that you read the FAQ section as it will answer most of your questions. However, there are some basic items that it does not address, so I have added some of them here.


Each main discussion area is called a CATEGORY. Categories have a blue background with white letters. Two examples of categories are DISCOVERY MOTORCOACH and COMMUNICATIONS AND COMPUTERS.
Each category has at least one FORUM. ALLISON TRANSMISSION and CATERPILLAR ENGINE are examples of two forums under the DISCOVERY MOTORCOACH category.
To enter a discussion forum, click the forum link (such as COACH). When you click on a forum link, your are taken to a page that shows all the topics being discussed in that Forum, along with the Author, Number of Replies for this Topic and the number of times the Topic has been read.
If you click on a Topic, you are taken to a page that displays the original posting and all replies. You can add your own reply by clicking the "Reply to Topic" link on the bottom left. Note that also on the bottom left are links to email this to a friend, a printer-friendly version, and a Purple Folder which you can click if you want to add a new Topic.
You can also start a new Topic by clicking the purple "New Topic" link which is in the middle and bottom of the topic list.


If you would like to see a new Forum or a new Category established, send an email to the webmaster with your ideas, and I will make the necessary changes.
This should be enough (plus reading the FAQ section) to get you started. Any questions, please advise.


At this time, Fleetwood, Cummins and Freightliner direct support is NOT available on the DOAI Board (this support is available only on the eGroup). However, such questions can be forwarded to the eGroup by eGroup members if required.
Postings are generally limited to RV, DOAI and Discovery issues. Inappropriate posts - such as personal attacks on others, spam, bad language, etc - will not be tolerated and will result in your PERMANENT ban from the DOAI Board. Please report indiscretions to the webmaster.


The DISCOVERY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC, was formed to promote the sharing of information and the camaraderie of fellow Discovery motorhome owners. Membership in the club is limited to owners of Fleetwood Discovery motorhomes.


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