The best prices I have found, and a wide selection of modem-phone pairs, is at "canyonriver.com", the Canyon River Cellular Co. site.  They have cables for the Nokia 2120-2160 series for $64.95 (CABLENOK-3)and the DAR-3 adapter for the Nokia 5120, 5160, 6120 and 6160 phones for $28.26 to use with the CABLENOK-3 cable.   They also sell a cable for the Nokia 6120-6160 series for $84.99 (CABLENOK-6) Hope this helps anyone searching for cellular connections for e-mail.  The best prices I have seen for modems are usually buried somewhere in Computer Shopper magazine or on line at CDW.com

There is a good article on how to use cellular phones and laptop computers at "http://Aero-HOST.net/Dell-laptops.htm" Some really good info and advice.
-Submitted by Ed Kennedy