Attached are two checklists I developed over the course of driving a 2002 D for 5 years. The general checklist is pretty generic and could be used with just about any RV. The other checklist is specific to my RV. The quantities, fuel usage, weights and tire pressures do not necessarily apply to your RV and should be changed accordingly. Both checklists are .xls files so you can change them easily.

Both checklists are sized so you can print the top half of the checklist on one side of paper and the bottom half on the other side. I then laminate them so they don't get soiled when I am checking oil and fluids or dumping the tanks.

I assume no responsibility for their accuracy or applicability to your RV. (My lawyer told me to add that last part.)

I do hope they work for you. Best wishes and happy travels.

Checklist 1 Checklist 2

submitted by Frank McClernon