NOTE: The process of joining (or editing) DOAI FRIENDS has changed as of 10/01/2016. The new process is automated using a form (link below) that is easy to fill out. No more editing a spreadsheet! The spreadsheets and map are also easier to access. Please read this page thoroughly!

Travelling in our D’s…what a wonderful feeling of freedom to go whenever and wherever we please. But, sometimes we need help with a mechanical problem, sometimes we need info about a new area, sometimes we just need…a friend. Introducing, Discovery Friends, first suggested by Kerry Pinkerton and implemented with the help of Kerry, Bruce Plumb and a bunch of beta testers.

Discovery Friends consists of an online spreadsheet (list) and map of DOAI members who have volunteered to help fellow D owners in one or more of many ways. Some members have a great shop and the mechanical abilities to help with your problem, some have a space to share for overnight parking, some can provide valuable local information or transportation, some just welcome fellow D owner’s visit. YOU decide what you have to offer.

The Discovery Friends List is only accessible by fellow DOAI members by logging on to our private website and requires your unique log in and password. In addition, we do not want you to give your address; only a close city (does not have to be the city or town in which you actually live).

Discovery Friends is an “opt in” list so you will not be on the list unless you decide and join. However, Discovery Friends will only be effective if large numbers of our members join the list.

The Discovery Friends spreadsheet is available sorted by NAME, STATE and YEAR. Clicking any of these links will open up a Google Sheets spreadsheet in a new tab in your browser. There are links at the top of each spreadsheet to switch between NAME, STATE or YEAR sorts and also tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheets to switch between the three. NOTE: In the spreadsheet, clicking on NAME SORT, STATE SORT, YEAR SORT or MAP reveals the actual link that must then be clicked.

You can print or save the spreadsheet for use when you don't have an internet connection. Just click "File" and then "Print" to print a copy of the spreadsheet or "File" and then "Save" (or "Download As") to save a copy to your computer.

The Discovery Friends Map is available HERE. Clicking this link opens up a Google Map showing the location of the Discovery Friend to the nearest town. The locations of Discovery Friends are shown on the map via a green pin. The exact location of the Discovery Friend is not shown on the map for security reasons. Clicking on the Friend Pin on the map brings up the name of the Discovery Friend. (If there is more than one Discovery Friend in that city, multiple pins will pop up and you can then click on each individual pin for each Friend’s info.) With this information, you can now use the Discovery Friends spreadsheet to determine the contact information and what resources he has available for assistance. This map is very handy when traveling as most of us are not familiar with nearby towns in unfamiliar areas.

Note, use the Contact Information in the spreadsheet to contact the Discovery Friend. Most Discovery Friends have supplied a phone number in addition to their Email address.

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NOTE: The map is only updated once a day from the spreadsheet, so if you add your entry to the spreadsheet, it may take 24 hours to see your information on the map. However, information you add to the spreadsheet is instantaneously available. And, you don’t need Internet access while you are on the road. You can save (or print) a copy of the spreadsheet. At the left top of the spreadsheet, just below the Discovery Friends title, just click on File and then choose Save As (you will probably want to save as a spreadsheet or PDF) or choose Print. The Discovery Friends Map can also be saved or printed. While viewing the map, at the bottom of the page is a centered row of icons. The last two icons are the Save icon and the Print icon. If you click the Save icon, you can save the map to your computer – however, you will need the free Google Earth program to open this file on your computer. If you click the Print icon, you can print the map OR you can also most likely save the map as a PDF. If you save it as a PDF, clicking on it will open the map in your default PDF viewer program. In either case, you will lose the ability to click on the Map Pin to determine the name of the Discovery Friend. However, having this available without an Internet connection will still let you determine if there is a Discovery Friend near you.

Want to become a Discovery Friend and add your name to the list? Just click HERE to fill out a form and submit your information. After you fill out all your information, click the SUBMIT button. Your information will usually be added within one day.

We hope you enjoy and will join Discovery Friends.