Almost everyone complains to some extent of wind noise in their Discovery.   Fleetwood has attempted to address this problem in the past, with PVC plastic covers on the front awning rail, a smaller door window in late 1998 models, and additional weatherstripping around the door.

As of early November, 1999, we have learned that Fleetwood has a new generation door that is being retrofitted.   The new door is covered in Service Bulletin PSB0038.   Contact Fleetwood if you are having problems with your door.

There are also some other wind noise issues.   The front awning arm continues to be a problem.   Be sure to check out the Fleetwood prototype awning cover.

Some members have reported decreased wind noise by relocating their CB antenna from the drivers front to the rear of the coach.   Some members have reduced noise by stuffing a sweatshirt in the storage compartment that is over the door.   Some members believe that the satellite dish is a source of wind noise, and point to the mid-coach location of the satellite dish on the American coaches (which was changed several years ago).