While we were at the Westland (Splendide) repair facility in Elkhart getting our dryer repaired, the serviceman gave us a new, metal dryer vent to replace the "cardboard" one that came with our D. This is a metal dryer vent that Westland had custom made. They advised that the Fleetwood facility in Pennsylvania is the only one using this product at present. It really is a great improvement. All that you need is some flexible metal dryer vent pipe to complete the installation. The local folks in Elkhart did not have a price or a part number. If you are interested in this, they suggested that you call or write Westland Sales, 15650 SE 102nd Avenue Clackamas, OR 97015 USA tel: 503-655-2563 tel: 800-356-0766 fax: 503-656-8829.

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