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DOAI eGroups

Click here for the Technical eGroup site.

Click here for the DOAI Lifestyle eGroup site.


The eGroups (hereafter referred to as “groups”) are a listserv. Basically, the Technical eGroup is a group of DOAI members that help each other via Email. The DOAI Lifestyle eGroup is a group of DOAI members that want to discuss and connect on a non-technical platform. When someone posts a message to the groups, everyone receives the email. The obvious advantage is that email is virtually instantaneous and you can get an answer to your question much quicker than via traditional means, such as a Bulletin Board or other web forum, which requires a user to sign onto the forum via Internet. Active DOAI membership is required to join and maintain either eGroup membership.

Please note that this is an email-based service. For some people, your eGroup messages may be delivered to your Junk or Spam folder by your Email provider/ISP. Most people just delete all email in these folders without looking at them. However, any messages that are deleted may get "marked as spam" back to their ISP who then may notify the sender to remove you from their mail list. If this happens to you, you should receive an email from the eGroup with a link to resubscribe. However, this email likely ends up in your spam/junk folder, so you never see it and then you wonder why you are not receiving emails from the eGroup.

One solution is to "whitelist" and / or as a safe sender. Instructions are HERE (External Website)

However, this will not work if your email provider will not deliver email from a listserv.

An easy solution is to use a Gmail account for the eGroup. Google has arguably the best spam filters. More importantly, Google only reports spam in aggregate and not individual email addresses, so you should never be "accidentally" unsubscribed from the eGroup.

Just an email account!

New members should get an invitation to join the eGroup when they first join. However, you can join the eGroup at any time. Just send an email request to You will receive an email advising that you have been invited to join the discoveryowners group from
(Click on any image below to enlarge it.)

You have two options for accepting the invitation to join. You can either simply just reply to the email (just reply and send, no text needed) OR you can click the link to join via the web. The remainder of this tutorial will assume you just replied to the Email.

Shortly after you send your email accepting the invitation to join, you will receive in your inbox the following Email from

and the following Email from or

At this point, you are subscribed and will receive a new email with every post to the eGroup.

However, you should complete your Profile which includes creating a password for your Account. Your profile enables Email delivery options, automatic signature line and access to pictures and files uploaded by other members. To do this, click the link in the email. This takes you to the following page:

Click on Sign Up in the top right corner of the page. This brings you to this page:

Type in the email address that you used to receive your invitation and also a unique password for your account and click the green “Create Account” button. You have now created your account. Remember your password, although there is a password reset process if you forget it.

Add your signature! After you have created your profile, log into, click the Subscription tab on the left and then the Membership tab. Scroll down to the Signature block. Just above the Signature block, click the two boxes to add you signature for Web Posting and also Email Posting. Just below the bottom right of the Signature block is a drop-down menu. It probably has HTML in it. Click on it and select Plain Text. Next, add your signature into the Signature Block and then press the Save button on the bottom of the page.


You can attach a picture (please reduce the file size to maximum 1024x1024 if you can) or even a document. If it is a document that may be of benefit to others, please place it in the Files Section and consider sending the webmaster a write up and the file to post on the Hints page (

It is important to note that we have limited storage space for attachments. Oldest attachments will automatically be deleted on an as-needed basis to free up storage space for new attachments.

Feel free to explore and if you have any questions, just ask the eGroup by sending an email to or just click the Start a New Topic link at the bottom of any eGroup email.


The DISCOVERY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC, was formed to promote the sharing of information and the camaraderie of fellow Discovery motorhome owners. Membership in the club is limited to owners of Fleetwood Discovery motorhomes.


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