The easiest way to post a NEW message to the group is by sending an email to If you want to REPLY to an eGroup message, just reply to the eGroup email message. NOTE - you must be a member of the eGroup to post a new message or reply to a message AND it must come from your eGroup-subscribed email address.

NOTE: It is assumed that you have successfully logged into the discoveryownersassociation eGroup. To do this, go to, log in, and choose the discoveryownersassociation eGroup


There eGroup message archive is a great source to search for information. Every eGroup message from the beginning is archived, and you can search this database to find what you want.

To search the eGroup message archive, click on ?MESSAGES?. When this page is displayed, scroll down to the ?Search Archives? Box, type in your search request, and press the ?SEARCH ARCHIVE? button.

When the search results are displayed, you will see the subject of the message as it was posted. Click on the subject title to display the message. Note that the database is searched starting at the most recent messages. To search deeper into the message database, click the ?Next? button.


Attachments to emails are no longer sent. There are three major reasons for this. First, attachments can contain viruses, and this helps to minimize the spread of viruses, since it takes special action to post an attachment. Second, this minimizes the amount of IP traffic which helps to keep costs down. Third, many folks travel and do not want receive large attachments.

To post or view an attachment, click on ?Files?. On the next page that appears, click the folder ?E-Mail Attachments?. When the next pages opens, click on the attachment that you want to view or click on ?Add File? if you want to upload an attachment. Do NOT check any of the option in the ?Auto Send to Members? area. Type in the name of the attachment you want to send, or browse to its location on your hard drive, and then click ?Upload File?. Also, it would be helpful if you typed in a Description of the file or picture. If you are uploading an attachment, be sure to reference its name in the eGroup email that you send.


Do you need to stop your email while you are on vacation? Want to change you?re the way you receive eGroup email? Click on ?Members? and then find yourself in the member database by typing your email address in the Search Box and then press the ?Search? button. When your account appears, click the Down Arrow in the ?Message Delivery? box and select which option you want, and then press the ?Save Changes? button. If you want to discontinue your eGroup subscription entirely, click on ?My Groups? and then the ?Edit My Groups? button. Check the ?Leave Group? box and then click the ?Save Changes? button.


You may notice that your eGroup posting does not show up in your inbox. According to GMail, if you're sending mail to a mailing list that you subscribe to, those messages will only appear in 'Sent Mail.' (Thanks to Stet Elliott for digging this up!)