Recent additions:

07/26/18 Denso Dash A/C Service Manual
07/20/18 Hot Water Saver
07/02/18 Starter Troubleshooting (PDF)
06/13/18 Gas Strut Chart 2003 D (PDF)
06/06/18 Rand McNally Maps Owners Manual
06/06/18 Firefly Owners Manual
06/06/18 Flooring Replacement 2011 40X
05/31/18 Adding a Third Rooftop Air Conditioner (PDF)
05/16/18 Washer/Dryer Conversion from combo to separates (PDF)
02/28/18 Rain water on Slideout FIX (PDF document)
02/14/18 Member Discovery Tips from 2018 SE Rally
10/20/15 Official Splendide Washer-Dryer Winterizing Instructions
10/01/15 Gary Livingston Money Saving Tips (2015 National Rally Seminar)
10/01/15 Good Sam Warranty Letter
08/30/15 Must have, Must do (DOAI Crowd-sourced list)
05/24/15 Battery Control Center Revision N picture
05/05/15 Add a Fuel Primer Pump to you CAT engine
04/02/15 Selling your D? Writing an effective ad and stage pictures.
01/13/15 Changing your Fuel Filter
10/10/14 How your Dash A/C works
09/24/14 Interior bedroom Step Light replacement, 40X (PDF)
08/28/14 Thermostat Conversion 2001.5 and later (PDF)
08/07/14 Use Glympse to track DOAI members
05/07/14 ISB Lift Pump Replacement

Listed here are Hints and Tips about our Discovery Motorhomes or anything pertaining to camping.  Please see the Legal page before proceeding.  Be sure to look at the MODIFICATIONS that other Discovery owners have made to their rigs!

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NOTE: Not all Hints or Tips apply to all Discovery models.  Also, the Cummins engine was discontinued on the 2001.5 Discovery, so some Cummins-specific tips will not apply to this or later Discovery models with the Caterpillar engine.

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10/10/14 How your Dash A/C works
04/02/15 Selling your D? Writing an effective ad and stage pictures.
08/30/03 Air Purge / Spitting too often?
09/27/00 A/C Belt problem - Immediate Action Required!
09/12/07 Denso Dash A/C Testing
08/12/07 Denso Dash A/C Wiring
05/31/18 Adding a Third Rooftop Air Conditioner by Frank Miller (PDF)
10/02/00 Accelerator Cutout Problem c
06/26/01 Air Conditioner Bolt problem
08/20/02 Roof A/C maintenance
06/02/03 Front A/C shed on generator power.
07/10/03 More A/C Shed Solutions
09/28/00 Air Conditioner Fan modification (Do it Yourself)
09/19/07 Save your roof air conditioner
07/10/03 Air Conditioner Fan modification (Plug-in, ready-made)
06/04/03 Chassis a/c condensor fan replacement
08/24/01 Midland Air Dryer Info
01/17/02 Air Governor - This is a MUST READ for anyone with air brakes/suspension.
10/12/00 Air Pressure Gauges
11/14/99 Important airscoop information.
05/17/06 Allison Transmission Publications (Motorhome Series)
08/27/00 Allison Transmission Info and Troubles
05/15/04 Impt Allison 3000MH transmission info.
06/16/2013 Allison Transmission Fluid/Filter Service
12/16/04 REVISED - Free Alaska Trip Planner (choose your format) -
   - Rich Text Format (works with all word processors, may lose some formatting)
   - MS Word format
01/11/01 Allison Transmission "Flashing 6"
10/10/00 Allison Keypad Illumination
11/24/99 Aluminum Wheel polish
01/14/01 Appliance Amperages
03/06/12 Atwood Furnace Fault Codes
05/13/00 Awning Care
08/21/01 REVISED Awning Unfurling Problems & Solutions
02/07/02 Ed Kennedy's excellent Awning Unfurling Fix
06/21/06 A&E Awning Wind Speed adjustment


11/14/99 Backup Alarm
11/14/99 Basement storage
04/03/03 Coach and Engine Battery Charging Info
01/30/09 Bay Door Latch Replacement
03/03/05 Intelletic BIRD Battery Control Center
11/30/06 Intelletic Battery Control Center documentation (Adobe PDF)
05/24/15 Battery Control Center Revision N picture
11/14/99 Battery slide trays
05/28/00 Battery Tips
07/21/00 Freightliner Bellcrank Problems
09/28/03 Changing Belts on the Cummins ISB
02/28/00 Bill Paying tips on the road
03/12/01 Boondocking
03/25/01 Dining Booth Conversion
05/16/12 Replace Booth with Circular Table
10/30/07 Great alternative for a front mask (bra)
01/09/12 Discovery Brochures and Flyers


04/22/02 CAC cleaning solutions
0/06/02 Using your Calling Cardwith your computer.
05/20/03 Rear Camera> Washer system
05/29/00 Digital Cameras
05/20/03 REVISED Campground Finder and Boondock and dump and diesel and etc!
01/20/00 Cargo (Basement) Doors
06/06/03 CANADA communications tips
05/16/12 Replace Carpet with simulated wood flooring
02/28/00 Getting cash while travelling
01/30/06 CAT ENGINE access
05/05/15 Add a Fuel Primer Pump to you CAT engine
05/20/03 CAT Engine bearing grease tip.
08/23/00 Cell Phone Basics
05/11/02 Cell Phone Service Plans & High Speed Internet
08/23/00 Cell Phone and the computer, Price Info
08/27/00 Check Engine Light help
11/14/99 Chassis info and pictures
12/10/07 Discovery Checklists
05/03/00 Chrysler towing tips
06/04/03 2000-era Circuit Breaker problem/fix
11/17/99 Cockpit Control Modifications
02/23/01 Undercounter Coffeepot Installation
08/21/01 Coolant Replacement - a step-by-step guide
08/23/00 Communications Costs, Minimizing
07/22/08 Basic Computer Lessons
03/06/05 Computer Backup Guide (MS Powerpoint)
11/19/10 Computer Security A MUST READ for anyone that uses Windows
09/06/00 Refinishing Corian countertops
05/16/12 Replace Couch with Euro-Lounger
04/25/02 Cruise Control - Reprogramming for Max Speed
12/06/02 Modify your Cruise Control to work with your Jake Exhaust Brake
09/30/05 Cummins Engine Performance & Economy Presentation


03/08/11 circa 2002 Dash Assembly
08/27/2012 Easy Dash Cover
05/03/00 Daytime Running Lights - an easy way to turn off while towing
04/01/02 Delorme Voice Navigation fix with Windows XP
07/26/18 Denso Dash A/C Service Manual
01/01/01 Desks
07/10/11 1997 Discovery Factory Brochure
06/13/11 1998 Discovery Factory Brochure
06/13/11 Discovery Factory Brochures (1999 - Present)
10/07/08 Misc DOAI EXPRESS Articles
10/07/08 Misc Articles by Jim Pourroy of Fleetwood (from DOAI EXPRESS) - zipped PDF
10/07/08 Things You May or May Not Know by DOAI member Dom Bollella (PDF file from DOAI EXPRESS)
10/07/08 Index of Helpful Articles from DOAI EXPRESS Newsletter
06/4/2013 Dometic Oasis 975 Door Awning
02/24/01 Entry Door Adjustment (Noise/Closing/Pop Open)
05/04/01 Door Lock Safety Recall
11/14/99 Door Noise
12/29/07 Vintage D Door Noise Awning Bar
08/21/01 UPDATE Entry Door Grab Handle Safety Problem
09/18/08 Need a DOOR for your 2000-era D? 01/09/00 Light your Door Handle like the American Eagle!
03/06/10 Wireless Doorbell Addition
08/27/00 Drawer slides fix
11/09/05 Relocating the Driver Info Display
02/07/02 LazyDays Driving and Parking Tips
11/04/01 Driveline Noise UPDATE - A Fix!
06/29/00 Dryer Vent Outlet modification 10/29/03 New Clothes Dryer Pipe from Splendide


09/07/00 Intellitec ECC Module
03/18/01 ECC Module Problem
03/04/2013 Eliminate ECC in 1996-2001 D's
09/29/08 Change or add eGroup email address
10/18/03 eGroup Help
05/16/12 Move Electronics (satellite, switch, DVD, etc) to TV Box
04/19/00 E-mail and internet access options
02/16/12 Has your Email been Hijacked?
08/20/02 Electrical Outlet problem

09/06/00 Electric Hot Water Heater element addition
10/12/00 PowerGuard Problem
    Electrical Modifications
  1. 01/09/00 Pseudo "50-amp" Service
  2. 11/04/06 True 50 amp conversion
  3. 11/14/99 Electric shore power cord

09/02/02 Electric (Shore Power) Plug Fix
11/14/99 Engine Cover
08/27/00 ISB Engine fault codes.
05/11/00 ISB and CAT Engine Monitoring
08/21/01 REVISED Engine (Fuel pump) Prime Procedure
11/14/99 Entertainment (TV & radio) Tips
11/30/08 Entrance / grab LED Handle repair
11/14/99 Entrance Handle
09/02/02 Exhast Reroute
08/04/09 Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitor
10/01/01 Extended Service Contracts


03/14/00 Faucet Replacement
01/04/09 Fix a Slow Kitchen Faucet
11/14/99 Fender rattle
02/02/08 Easy Fiberglass Restoration
12/12/11 A Member's Fire Horror and Insurance Advice
04/09/00 Fire Story THIS IS A "MUST READ"
12/15/01 Possible 1996/1997 Fire Hazard
10/03/00 Fire Extinguisher Info
06/06/18 Firefly Owners Manual
10/17/00 Fleetwood Help
06/06/18 Flooring Replacement 2011 40X
07/04/01 Flourscent Lights - Extending their life
11/08/08 Frame Bracket Failure and Repair
12/28/00 Freightliner Chassis Recalls
10/17/00 Freightliner Help
04/27/02 Freightliner Gaffney, SC Tips
02/28/2013 Freightliner Maintenance Tips (PDF
03/28/00 Freightliner Transmission Keypad Illumination Service Bulletin.
03/27/00 Freightliner VDC Recall
09/12/03 Freightliner wiring diagrams
01/13/15 Changing your Fuel Filter
04/20/01 Fuel Gauge recall.
10/16/00 Diesel Fuel Quality
03/06/12 Atwood Furnace Fault Codes
04/27/12 Atwood Hydroflame Furnace manual (pdf)
05/05/15 Add a Fuel Primer Pump to you CAT engine
02/23/02 Furnace Thermostat Problem


06/19/00 Generator, Diesel or LP?
09/10/01 REVISED Generator Tips
08/13/00 LP Generator fuel filter
08/07/00 Mysterious Generator starting by itself
04/12/01 GFCI's and the Heart Inverter
08/07/14 Use Glympse to track DOAI members
06/01/08 GPS Overview
11/25/99 Grab Bars
12/15/01 Gray Water transfer solution.
04/04/12 Grey Tank Cleaner


07/15/03 Handicap conversion
11/14/99 Handling Problems
10/12/08 Various HDTV Conversions
06/06/00 Improving your D's Headlights
02/19/08 Headlight Lens Restoration
05/20/12 Convert Headlights to modern design (Adobe PDF)
01/24/07 - Heat vent modifications
03/18/01 Heating / Air Conditioner Problem
03/30/01 Holding Tank Gauge Problems? Check here!
11/14/00 Holding Tank Tips
09/06/00 Electric Hot Water Heater element addition
07/20/18 Hot Water Saver
10/05/00 Hydraulic Jack Safety


01/31/01 Add a simplified ICC Switch
11/14/99 Icemaker, winterization
05/04/01 Icemaker Solenoid Replacement
10/07/08 Index of Helpful Articles from the DOAI Newsletter, DISCOVERY EXPRESS
05/15/04 Save your Injector Pump!
06/06/00 Connecting to Internet while traveling
08/07/05 Internet via Cell Phone
12/06/02 Revised Internet via Satellite, Update
02/09/06 Inverter and DC Seminar (Marshall Godwin, MS Powerpoint or Viewer Req'd)) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
10/24/00 (REVISED) Inverter - Rewire to power all outlets in 97 & 98 D
10/24/00 Adding a 2000 watt inverter and rewiring to power all outlets in 99 D


01/04/02 Jack Tips
05/24/2013 Powergear Electric Jacks Troubleshooting (PDF
05/12/06 PowerGear Jacks - Repair, parts info, Excellent! (PDF)
11/03/06 PowerGear Motor Replacement
04/30/02 PowerGear Jack Troubleshooting and Maintenance
05/10/00 Power Gear Levelling Jacks - eliminating popping and maintenance
05/03/00 Jake Brake info
04/04/01 Troubleshooting your Jake Brake
06/26/00 Jake Brake Pedal Modification (Large File)


02/27/03 Kwikee Step Tips


06/10/03 REVISED Sink Leak 34Q / 38G Repair
09/02/02 Level your D the proper way
05/07/14 ISB Lift Pump Replacement
09/24/15 Interior bedroom Step Light replacement, 40X (PDF)
07/01/07 Upgrade Interior Lights
02/09/03 LP Tanks - tying your coach and generator LP tanks together
07/21/00 Wheel lugnut torque 08/26/03 LP Hose reca;; 2003 S Floorplan models


Maintenance information for the Freightliner chassis, CAT and Cummins Engines, and Allison Transmission 08/21/01 Maintenance - What should it cost?
11/14/99 Maintainence tips and procedures
03/11/00 Magic Chef stove SAFETY ISSUE
05/20/03 Map Database files, for Delorme and MS Streets & Trips users.
10/30/07 Great alternative for a front mask
10/02/01 Microwave Oven Repair
12/28/00 Passenger-side Mirror modification.
05/30/01 Modifications by Sonny Ayer
05/15/04 Modifications Pictures of Discovery Modifications.
10/01/15 Gary Livingston Money Saving Tips (2015 National Rally Seminar)
06/03/03 Airbrush Mural alternative 08/30/15 Must have, Must do (DOAI Crowd-sourced list)


05/19/05 Norcold Refrigerator Recall


09/03/03 Oil Gauge problems
02/11/06 Fix the Outlook/Outlook Express RED X image problem. Download the XP Registry fix problem HERE
10/26/00 REVISED Overheating problems


11/05/06 Add Pantry Lights to your D
06/09/03 Parking Brake Chime won't stop dinging
02/28/2013 Parts List - 1999 36T (PDF)
03/09/10 Power Gear Module Repair
06/16/05 Power Gear Levelling Pump Replacement
05/12/06 PowerGear repair and parts (PDF)


11/25/99 Quick Tips from the Richmond Rally.
05/02/00 Quick Tips from the Newport Dunes Rally.


04/22/02 Radiator design problem (pre-2000 CHASSIS)
02/28/00 Radio Interference
06/06/18 Rand McNally Maps Owners Manual
09/02/02 Recording Radio programs
01/13/09 Norcold Refrigerator replacement
05/04/01 Replacing your factory AM/FM radio? Check Here first !
01/19/01 Panasonic Rear Camera Problem and Fix
06/26/03 Recalls & Service Bulletins
12/18/07 Refrigerator absorption unit replacement
12/09/07 Refrigerator Drain Line
07/06/07 Refrigerator Latch repair
08/04/12 Dometic Refrigerator - Replacement of water tube
02/07/01 Dometic Refrigerator Warranty Warning
04/19/01 Refrigerator Cooling Tip
06/02/12 Residential Refrigerator conversion (off-site link)
02/20/02 Save your Refrigerator Door! (and at least $300)
09/02/02 Make your Refrigerator Vent white again!
03/18/01 Remco Lube Pump Tips
05/22/03 REVISED Ride Height - Updated Info
05/16/12 Add Rope Lighting to your D



03/06/14 RV Salvage Yards

11/14/00 Satellite cabinet
06/29/00 Satellite Dish maintenance 03/02/00 Choosing a satellite system
03/14/00 Satellite network feeds
02/05/02 Did you lose your Satellite TV Local Channels
10/26/00 DIRECTV Satellite Network Feed Application
10/24/00 DISH Satellite Network Feed Application
04/04/01 Receiving DISH 500 Satellite programming on rooftop satellite dish
04/27/09 Day-Night Shade Repair - another article
04/22/10 Day/Night Shade Handles
05/04/01 Day/Night Shades Article 1
06/02/03 Front a/c shed on generator power.
05/16/12 Add Sliding Shelves to your pantry
07/14/02 Shower concerns
11/20/06 Fix your Shower Floor (Adobe PDF)
10/01/2012 Skylight Cover
06/14/05 Make your own Digital Slide Scanner (Adobe PDF)
01/25/12 2000-2005 Salon Slide-out Modification (Off-site)
02/21/04 Slide-out Floor Marking - A Temporary Fix
06/04/03 2000-era Slideout / Truss problem
01/07/02 Slideout Tips
03/06/10 DIY Slide Topper Replacement
02/28/18 Rain water on Slideout FIX (PDF document)
04/22/02 Slobber Tube Info and Service Bulletin
05/30/00 Solar windshield cover
10/10/00 Spare Tire Storage
10/01/00 What spares should I carry?
08/27/00 Speedometer Calibration
10/20/15 Official Splendide Washer-Dryer Winterizing Instructions
01/20/12 Splendide combo washer/dryer part source
04/05/12 Splendide Training Manual WDC 5200/6200, WD 2000S/2100
01/04/10 Discovery Spreadsheet
07/02/18 Starter Troubleshooting (PDF)
10/01/12 Step Back Repair
11/04/06 Kwikee Step Rattle cure
08/17/00 Increasing Basement Storage Door Opening Angle
06/13/18 Gas Strut Chart 2003 D (PDF)
08/13/00 Windshield sunscreen by Bobby Everett
04/27/12 Electric Sunvisor Installation
07/21/00 Swaybar Info


05/20/12 Considering a Tablet?
10/17/00 Important Telephone Numbers
05/30/03 27" Television Conversion
11/09/05 Widescreen LCD Television Conversion
11/24/99 Temperature Gauge Calibration
04/19/01 Protecting yourself from THEFT - Very Impt Info For Everyone To Read!
02/23/02 Coleman Thermostat problem
08/28/14 Thermostat Conversion 2001.5 and later (PDF)
11/12/01 RV TIRE GUIDE
06/26/01 255 vs 235 TIRES
11/21/99 Tire Information
06/22/01 Tire Service Tips
09/06/00 Tire Valve Extensions
02/14/18 Member Discovery Tips from 2018 SE Rally
06/21/00 Toilet problems
04/26/01 Towing Safety Tip
06/04/03 Vehicle TOWING Guide
10/05/08 Member Travel Pictures / Travelogues - Great for travel ideas!
05/16/12 Add a TV / Credenza
01/01/10 Fix Squeaky TV (CRT)
11/27/04 Fix that silent Turn Signal on your newer Freightliner chassis
02/23/08 HDTV modification 05 39L
02/27/00 TV Sound through your AM/FM Radio Speakers



06/22/00 VCR Door modification
01/20/12 VDC Repair (PDF Download), (presented with permission from Jim Godward, special thanks to Al Coby) 11/01/2012 VDC Troubleshooting Guide 1999-2002 (PDF)
06/04/2013 Villa Armrest Removal and Installation
07/25/2013 VMSpc Presentation


02/20/02 REVISED Extended Service Warranty 08/23/01 REVISED Warranty Info - IMPT INFO FOR EVERY OWNER
10/01/15 Good Sam Warranty Letter
05/16/18 Washer/Dryer Conversion from combo to separates (PDF)
11/14/99 Washer/dryer
06/30/01 Washer / Dryer repair tips.
06/29/00 Washer/dryer vent modification
01/31/01 Water Heater problems
10/05/00 Water Leaks
06/08/00 Water Pump problems
11/09/05 Relocating the Water/Fuel Separator
10/01/00 Electric Hot Water Heater element addition
04/05/12 Water Regulator and Filter
09/06/00 Weather Radio Recall
04/17/01 RV Weights
06/04/01 Welding Tips
07/19/10 Extending your WIFI Range
11/14/99 Wind noise solutions - prototype awning cover by Fleetwood.
05/30/00 Solar windshield cover
02/04/10 Use Air to Winterize your D
12/02/08 REVISED Winterizing
04/26/01 Wiper Blade Replacement alternatives
11/06/01 Working on the road.