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Important Allison 3000 Transmission Information

This article pertains to the Allison 3000 transmission.

There were changes as of Jan 2, 2004 that only affect chassis delivered after that date. Your Freightliner tag in the wheelwell lists the date of manufacture for the chassis. Click this link for the full info on the Allison website.

To summarize:
The 3000 MH series transmissions prior to 1/2/2004 have a 60 month unlimited miles warranty. They used Dexron fluid.

The 3000 MH series transmissions manufactured after 1/2/2004 have Transynd fluid and have a 24 month 80,000 mile warranty plus a 3 year 200,000 mile Extended Transmission Coverage from Allison - if you continue to use the Transynd, gold series filters, etc.

The 3000 MH transmission (using either fluid) requires an initial main filter (element only) change at 6,000 miles. A fluid change is not required at that time (per Allison page 43 of operator's manual).

Dexron fluid and filter changes are required at 12 months or 25,000 miles. Transynd fluid change is required at 48 months or 150,000 miles, however a filter change is required at 36 months or 75,000 miles.

The service intervals then repeat this interval/schedule for life.

Don't forget the legal language of whichever first, local conditions, severe duty etc. and be sure to comply to maintain your warranty. It's all on the Allison website and in your warranty info.

Also, sometimes you will find two conflicting sources of information (such as a possible conflict in your Freightliner manual vs your Allison manual). Always use the info that the manufacturer of the component in question supplied.


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