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Splendide Parts Source

Our Splendide 2000 washer/dryer combo wouldn't quit filling cold water when we de-winterized to head south. The faulty dual solenoid cold water valve was stuck open, and needed replacement. We searched many web sites for part #116102541 and found limited suppliers. Prices were quoted as high as $217 + s & h. We finally found the part number with no description at Sears Parts Online for $91 + s & h. We talked to the sears tech to verify that the part was, in fact, a dual solenoid valve that would fit our model machine, but he had no available info on the part. Because Sears has a 90 day return policy, we decided to order the part to take advantage of the savings. Eight working days later, the part arrived, and viola, it's a direct replacement.

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Evidently Sears has sold machines made by Splendide, or maybe just using some of their parts. We just wanted to pass this info along in case anyone is looking for Splendide parts at a more reasonable price. You might get lucky at sears parts online.

Kathleen & Joe Brown, via the eGroup


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