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Winterize Your RV Using Air

After searching for a way to blow out the water lines before returning to freezing weather, I found a multiple compressed air output block on the passenger side fire wall of our 2003 38T Discovery. I purchased the necessary fittings at Home Depot and one at Autozone for less than $65. I used Teflon tape on all the fittings. I added a regulator to protect the water system from the 100+ psi that the RV supplies. It should be adjusted to something less than 50 psi before connecting the air to the water system. It can be adjusted up to 100 psi to air up the tires.

A few precautions:

  1. Make sure your air tanks are completely drained before you attempt any modifications
  2. Ensure that your air dryer is functioning properly so that the water does not contain any oil or moisture


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