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Air Switch for Inductive Stovetop

Bill Johnson showed me an air switch he had installed on his induction cooktop. I'd never seen one before and love the idea.

These things are neat. They are widely used for garbage disposal on/off switches in wet areas. The plunger pushes an air cylinder which travels down a tube to the remotely located outlet box. The air pulse toggles the power on and off.

They are CHEAP. Amazon has them for less than $25.

Newer coaches with Induction cooktops have multiple buttons that must be pushed in order to turn them on to keep pets or kids from accidentally turning it on. But some people turn the breaker off and on just to be sure. Breakers are not intended to be used as switches long term. An air switch can be installed in a convenient location. If you decide to install it in the countertop, you'll have to drill a hole in the countertop. Some folks have installed them in the tilt out drawer front in front of the sink.

Submitted by: Kerry Pinkerton


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