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Parking Brake Chime Repair

This webpage addresses the problem of the parking brake chime operating when the parking brake is released. This is a problem reported by a very small number of owners. Some owners report that it is an intermittent problem that becomes more frequent, although others report that it is was an immediate/continuous problem from the beginning.

The problem is usually a low air pressure warning switch. This switch is located on the left (driver side) chassis frame near the rear. It is easy to find. There are three wires that go into the switch and it is screwed into a metal block along with several airlines.

To test it, start the engine, get full pressure front and rear, release the brake and put the coach in gear. If you hear the chime sound, shut off the engine and then unplug the wires going to the switch. If the chime stops when you restart the engine, this switch is likely faulty. The replacement part is hard to find, and may take up to a week to get. If you replace the switch yourself, be VERY sure to bleed ALL the air down before removing the switch. The part number on my coach is iii-8040254P


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