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Canada Communication Tips

If you have an old cell phone that is no longer on contract, bring it with you and you may be able to get it activated in Canada for your trip. Check with Rogers in Canada. Cost for activation in Canada will be about $16 (US) dollars and a basic plan is about $20 (US) month. AT&T charges differently in Canada. You can get a one rate plan but a regular plan might be ok. For instance, AT&T has no roaming fees, Long distance will cost about $.16 a minute only if you call outside the calling area from which you are making a call. Incomming calls have no long distance fees nor 800 numbers. Data connection and and PC modem kits work and if you use an ISP with local numbers, you are all set for cell-phone internet. Also, some US carriers (such as Verizon) have an option that allows you to use your existing cell phone in Canada without extra charges.

If your ISP does not have local Canadian numbers, go to Radio Shack or Future Shop (same as Circuit City) and and pick up a free 3 month AOL Canada trial CD or go to and get an account with 3 mo. free trial. A US Credit card will set it up and when you get home you may decide to keep the account as an unlimited time is only $16.00/month US and works fine from the US with US local numbers.

If you don't carry a computer or cell phone, all small towns in Canada have public libraries that are usually easy to find and have free computers on high speed internet. Remember that the smaller the town the more likely they will not have full operating hours. Try them in late afternoon or early evening. You will not need a card but might be asked to sign a register. This will work great if your ISP provides for web-based email access.


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