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Cockpit Storage Box Upgrade

I just finished a modification of installing a storage bin, box really, through the firewall in front of the passengers chair. I removed the fold up/down step cover. Then measured the size of box I wanted, in this case 20" wide by 16" high by 11" deep, and cut out the opening in the flat panel where the step used to store. After cutting the opening I built a box out of 1/2" plywood and incerted it. I finished off the box opening with trim molding. Looks great, I may add a door to the storage box sometime later. It works great for storing shoes or maybe even the TON of coach manuals and paperwork. Haven't decided what yet, although the wife might find a use for it if I don't hurry up and fill it up!

Click an image below for a larger picture.

Submitted by John Lawrence


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