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Undercounter Coffeepot Installation

This article will detail the procedure to install an undercounter coffeepot under the top galley cabinet (above the sink).

OVERVIEW: To remove and replace the existing single plug outlet for the microwave with a regular house duplex plug. To extend the power supply to the Coffee pot through the newly installed duplex plug. To use existing single outlet as the under counter outlet for the Coffee Pot. NOTE: Gap behind original AC outlet is large enough to allow a retrofit box. but space in false bottom of destination cabinet was NOT, which is why I moved and used the original AC outlet as the outlet in the destination cabinet.


The first trick is to remove the false walls without damage. For some, simply use a thin bladed sharp knife to insert around an edge and pry out. For the false BOTTOM, remove the under counter light and insert a "blunt" ended object or screwdriver, push through the precut hole for the lights wires and "push" up the false bottom. ** NOTE: the nails used in construction are VERY small finish nails and typically stay in place, or pull through the panel when removing.. So small in fact that they leave no visible holes.

After removing all false walls, disconnect the existing AC outlet, and remove the plywood backing support for outlet.

NOTE: Cover for the AC outlet is a Snap On type. Slide sharp knife under cover and "pop" off.

These photos illustrate just how unbelievably tight the coach's wiring bundle was.

Having not seen actual construction, my estimate is that the wires must have been run first, and that the cabinet was "jammed" into the ceiling and wall. Point being, there is NO extra room to run additional wiring. which means I had to drill a new hole without drilling into existing wiring so USE CAUTION! And because you have a gap behind but not "above" the start cabinet. and "above" but not "behind" other cabinets.make CERTAIN that you know WHERE the wire (and hole) is going to come out!

Next, I removed the top, side and bottom of the destination cabinet and ran wiring to hide above the top cover, down behind the side wall and into the gap which is the bottom.

In these next photos, I have cut out a hole large enough ( and far enough back from the front !!) to install the original AC outlet where the outlet would not be covered after installing the Coffee Pot. This outlet was also a retrofit type, meaning that the screws turn a sliding flap that tightens to wall thickness.

This photo is a side view from the end of the counter looking behind the Coffee Pot. As noted before, I was cautious not to install the outlet too far forward as the Coffee pot would have covered the outlet, but to place it in such a position as to hide the outlet and hanging cord from view.

After you have finished, brew yourself a cup of Joe!

Submitted by Derrick Eads


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