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Basic Computer Lessons

Let's face it, no one was born with any computer knowledge! Available for download here are some basic computer tutorials. This is aimed at beginners and should at least be enough to get you started. These tutorials are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires Adobe Reader to view. However, almost every computer comes from the manufacturer with Adobe Reader already installed. If you click on a link and cannot view the file, go to and click on the box (presently) on the right side of your screen that says "Get Adobe Reader".

Chapter 1 - Internet Defined
Chapter 2 - Dial Up Connection
Chapter 3 - Email
Chapter 4 - Address Book
Chapter 5 - Accounts
Chapter 6 - Attachments
Chapter 7 - Backgrounds
Chapter 8 - Outlook Express Help
Chapter 9 - Internet Addressing
Chapter 10 - Nettiquette
Chapter 11 - Mouse
Chapter 12 - USB
Chapter 13 - Managing Email
Chapter 14 - Customizing Outlook Express
Chapter 15 - Antivirus Programs
Chapter 16 - Search Engines
Chapter 17 - Browser
Chapter 18 - Browser Menu
Chapter 19 - Internet Options
Chapter 20 - Information Bar
Chapter 21 - Start Menu
Chapter 22 - Backup
Chapter 23 - File Management
Chapter 24 - Zip files
Chapter 25 - Maintenance
Chapter 26 - User Accounts
Chapter 27 - Troubleshooting
Chapter 28 - Memory Cards


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