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Need a New Refrigerator???

Maybe not! If you have a leak in the absorption unit, consider replacing this instead of buying a new refrigerator.

There is a company on the West Coast called NUCold ( They rebuild the entire absorption unit and sell it for about $350.00 for RV heat absorption refrigerators. The unit comes complete, and exactly replaces the original cooling unit. It is not particularly hard to do, the most difficult part , to me, is getting the refrigerator out of the coach wall. and laying it down on the coach floor with the cooling unit upright. Removing the cooling unit requires carefully removing the propane heat tube and electrical element. Then remove a few screws inside the refrigerator and along the back that hold the unit in and lift out the old unit. Since the new unit is an exact year and model match, it is fairly simple to install. Complete instructions come with the rebuild kit including free shipping to ship the old unit back. I have been very happy with the three units I've replaced in the past.

Submitted by Jim Fox


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