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Carbon Monoxide Warning

We are new to the Discovery Owners Association. Just bought our 2000-36t at Beaudry's in Tucson the end of February.

The main thrust of this letter is to notify the 2000-36T bunch of an apparant factory timebomb ready to go off. Our coach, and every other one I was able to view while we were at Beaudry's have a direct capability of pulling in the water heater exhaust and, under certain conditions, the curb-side furnace exhaust directly into the coach. The compartments directly on each side of this stacking water heater/furnace have voids that the gas is able to enter through. This especially happens when the exhaust fan(s) are on and the Water Heater and/or furnace is on.

Take the left compartment. Open the door. At the forward upper right corner of sidewall, to the outside of the gasket, is a hole or void about 1 inch by 2 inch that is wide open to the interior of the coach. The same is true for the right compartment to this duo, but on the upper left forward sidewall.

The gas can enter either of these two voids and travel into the interior through the access door and screen under the refridgerator. Enough of this gas comes in that I could smell it and the carbon monixde alarm went off once.

Beaudry immediately sealed up these voids on my coach when I pointed them out.

Please do yourself a favor and check out if these conditions exist. As I mentioned, I found 9 coaches, including mine, that had these voids existing.

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