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Accelerator Cutout Problem

Back on 12/21/99, I posted my first message with the Discovery group about an accelerator cutout problem. At that time, the problem had occurred five or six times. Contact with Freightliner, Cummins, Allison and Fleetwood left me with no solution. I had a few responses from Discovery members with a similar problem but also no solution. In February while on a trip, I had the situation happen twice. In May, I had the 15k service performed and we took a trip of around 3k miles. No problems. This week, we took a trip and once again the problem occurred. As usual, the problem happened at a busy intersection blocking traffic.

To recap the problem; with the engine running, sitting at rest, such as a traffic light, then depressing the accelerator, nothing would happen, i.e. no increase in RPM's. With the brake off, the vehicle would creep forward at idle speed. No trouble lights or other problem indicators showing. It required the engine to be turned off, wait for 10 to 15 seconds, recrank, wait for dash light to cycle off and the vehicle would be reset.

I called Fleetwood and after a few minutes of discussion, a conference call to Freightliner was made. Glen Hoops, of Freightliner, said that the problem had been recognized and they have recently come up with a solution. The fix is to overlay a twisted wire in the harness to solve a feedback to the ECU. According to Hoops, this problem has been rare but frequent enough for Freightliner to analyze and come up with a solution. If anyone else is experiencing this problem, Call Glen Hoops at 864-487-1700.

Submitted by Dave C. -99 36T D-


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