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Easy Dash Cover

We decided to make our own Dash cover after having problems with a pre-made dash cover. We found an excellent, for us, indoor / outdoor 6 foot by 8 foot carpet at Home Depot. We then made a pattern of our dash using brown postage paper. We decided we would loosen the front dash molding so we could slip the cover material under it. Cutting this material to match the pattern was quite easy. Turns out, the carpet could be cut with scissors. We decided we would use a spray adhesive to hold the cover on the ultra leather dash. This would permit removing the dash cover in the future if needed. Using a 2 inch putty knife, we slipped the front edge of the carpet under the front dash molding and the instrument console. We then trimmed the dash cover to match the dash. Next we sprayed the ultra leather dash in ~3 inch sections, and stuck the dash cover. We set wooden weights on the cover and. let it cure over night.

The following picturess illustrate the final product. The first Picture is the label on the carpet we chose. The other 2 Pictures show the finished product. Total time from making the pattern to the finished product turned out to be 6 hours. Total cost was less than $50.00.

Submitted by Jim Fox


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