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Day-Night Shade Repair

Have you had the misfortune to have one of your day/night shades break? I guess that is a dumb statement to make as it seems like everyone has this issue one shade after another unless you are fortunate enough to have an RV manufacturer build your unit with better made shades. After having most of mine break within a year and replacements break soon after installation I thought it was time to do something different.

It seems there are two problems. One which the shade manufacturer claims is a major problem is the manner they are installed and adjusted by the RV Manufacturers. THEY ARE WAY TOO TIGHT! If you don't have issues yet take the time to loosen each so they just stay up. The second problem is the eyelets used and installed by the shade manufacturer. They use a crimped one piece eyelet that is installed upside down. If you look closely at the picture you can see the rough edges of the eyelet as installed. If they would have installed the other way around the cord would bend around a large radius smooth surface. After repairing my shades I have NEVER had another one break. A second benefit is they run up and down so easy is it like they are greased. Hope this helps anyone with the problem. I know I found the shades quite frustrating until they were repaired properly.

DON'T send them back to the factory to be re-strung you are wasting your money. Invest $10.00 in materials repair your own and your problems are over.

Click on the picture for explanations and diagrams to repair once and for all.

Submitted by Dennis McCanna


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