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DirecTV Network Feed Application Form

Here is the form (courtesy of Ed Kennedy) that you can fill out and send to DISH network that will allow you to receive the network feeds. Make sure that you meet all the requirements and send in the necessary documentation.

Mobile Vehicle Affidavit
Declaration of Intent

I _______________________ , am a DIRECTV customer.
My DIRECTV account number is ____________________________.
I intend to subscribe to Distant Network Services from DIRECTV for use on the vehicle ascribed registration number ____________ in the state of ____________ for the term from ___________ until _____________. (Attached is a copy of the current registration for this vehicle).

I attest that the satellite antenna to be used to receive this programming is attached to, and the system receiver is located in, this vehicle and is not intended for use in a fixed dwelling residence. I understand that the misuse of this equipment will result in the termination of my Distant Network Service programming and could lead to legal action taken against me.

Name (Print) ___________________________________
Signed _______________________________________
Date _________________________________________

Please return completed declaration of intent, along with a copy of your current vehicle registration to the address below. (Commercial truck operators must also submit a copy of their current commercial drivers license).

Attn: Mobile Network Services
PO Box 92600
Los Angeles, CA 90009


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