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Entry Door Adjustment (Noise/Closing/Pop Open)

This Hint describes a minor adjustment on the entry door to help mitigate wind noise, or to adjust a door that is hard to close. It is not know what model years or which doors this pertains to, but it definitely applies to most pre-1999 D's. This Hint was written from the standpoint of fixing the problem of the door popping "open" from the fully closed position to the safety catch. However, it is also pertinent to mitigating door wind noise as the latch adjustment is critical to provide a tight seal against wind noise and still be relatively easy to close.

I have found on three different coaches that a minor adjustment of the latch bolt on the left frame (viewed from outside) stops the hard-to-close door problem. On these units, it seems that the latch bolt had been set to close the door a little too tight.

To adjust the latch bolt, I first used a sharp pencil and drew a line on the door frame around the round shoulder of the bolt so that I had a reference as to how much I had adjusted the latch bolt position. I used an appropriately sized socket wrench to loosen the latch bolt. Once it is loosened (not too much, but just so that it can move), I moved the latch bolt position to the outside about 1/32 to 1/16 inch. Holding the latch bolt at that position, retighten it and then try the door.

You can always got back to the same position you had before because of the pencil mark. I have found that this will fix the problem of the door popping open from the first catch to the second catch. If you loosen it too much, you might cause wind noise. The position that the door closure won't pop open and also provide an adequate wind seal seems to be very critical.

Submitted by Don Fuller via the eGroup


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