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Add a Wireless Doorbell

To improve our ability to hear people knocking on our coach door when the TV and/or ACs are running, we installed a wireless door bell, GE model 19208 in our coach. Installation is very easy, and according to the directions the bell and button can be as much as 150' apart. Determine a location for the exterior bell button. Double sticky tape is provided for attaching the bell button, but we added 2 screws to insure the button wouldn't come off while driving down the road. Drill the two mounting holes and following the instructions install the backing plate for the bell button. Then snap on the exterior of the bell button. Installation of the door bell base is also very easy. Using the template provided, drill two holes where you wish to place the base. We chose to install ours beside the bathroom door so we could hear the bell throughout the coach. The following PICs show the base and button as they are installed. Total cost was about $15.00, and installation time was ~15 minutes.


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