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Entry Door Grab Handle Safety Problem

Of immediate concern is the plastic entry door grab handle on the outside of your D. I am personally aware of three D owners that have had this grab handle break in their hands as they tried to use it to assist in entry into their D. I am not aware of any resulting injuries, but their is a high potential for serious injury.

I believe this to be an OEM supplier problem as I have also heard of this happening to other brands of coaches.

I have referred this to Fleetwood via email and am awaiting their response. In the meantime, be VERY careful when using your door grab handle.

UPDATE 8/19/01

Here is what I have received from Fleetwood:

"Carter Goodson ( Fleetwood contact ) for Fleming Sales in Elkhart, Indiana. Said that he has seen the Grab Handles broken and some have crystallized, he will replace them at no charge and he would like the old part(s)back. Tele: 574-295-0234 Fax: 574-522-0785." (Tel # changed per update below)

Evidently, the only forewarning that you will have of impending failure is possible crystallization, so you need to constantly check for this. It appears that we will not be able to rely on our door handles due to continuing safety concerns as it appears that no recall is planned. Perhaps, for our own safety, we should just replace them at our expense with a new one from Camping World.

UPDATE 8/09/04

Jack Mozley advises that the area code has changed and that Carter Goodson no longer works there. Also, no more free handles but the price for a new one is only $21.45 (not including the brackets which you do not need as you can reuse the old ones). The new telephone number is 574 295-0234.


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