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Door Lock Safety Recall

The door locking mechanism on some 2000 and 2001 D's are defective and must be replaced. When the mechanism fails, you may not be able to gain to entry or exit from the coach.

NOTE - This same lock is used by numerous other motorhome manufacturers.

Fleetwood provided the following special information for our group:

Dear Discovery Owners:
Fleetwood was recently notified by Tri-Mark Locks that they are conducting a Field Campaign to replace the existing lock assembly on certain 2000 & 2001 Discovery & Expedition motor homes built with an Atwood Door. This includes Discovery's manufactured between January 5, 2000 and March 14, 2001, and Expedition's manufactured between March 28, 2000 and February 16, 2001.

Fleetwood is in the process of providing Tri-Mark with information as to units involved. Owners of the affected units will be notified by Tri-Mark shortly.

Fleetwood is issuing a Service Bulletin to our dealer network within the next week advising them of the repair procedure.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Fleetwood's Owner Relations Group at 800-322-8216


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