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Drawer Slides Fix

The drawer slides used on the D are very flimsy and subject to break. Although there are several possible solutions, the best appears to be the replacement of the drawer slides with new sturdier ones.

Dennis Baxter got his from Lazydays in Tampa, FL. Here is the ordering information:

Drawer brackets can be purchased from Lazydays RV Center. We purchased 6 pair from them in April and had them shipped to us. Part #27139 Cost $2.17 per pair and shipping for 6 pair was $4.71 total for 6 pair $17.73. Parts phone (813) 246-4555 Sales person was Andrea and she was very helpful.

Note: It appears that these are Fleetwood brackets. Wonder why they don't just use the better quality brackets to begin with?

Member Gene Hamelman offers the following advice, which he implemented on his 99 36T:

I have noticed a lot of threads on this email list about broken drawer rear support brackets. Well the G-Man is not exempt from the broken drawer problem either but I might have an alternative solution for fixing them and quite a bit less costly. At $2 - $3 a pair, and with 22 drawers that would be between $44 and $66 to fix or prevent all the drawers from breaking.

The fix I have cost about $7 to fix all the drawers. What I did was to purchase about 100 #6-32 x 3/8 flat head screws, 100 #6-32 nuts and 100 #6 lock washers. As you can see from the pictures this is an easy fix and very strong. You will also note that one of the pictures has a broken slide that is now fixed and stronger than new.


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