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Dryer Vent Outlet Modification

Recently, we had a problem with rain water entering through the standard factory-insalled, flap-type vent on our D. We routinely removed the vent flaps to clean out the vent pipe with a vacuum cleaner, and along with UV degradation evidently led to the flaps not sealing properly. Some recent torrential downpours probably did not help either, and the result was the bottom carpet on the sill in the toilet room was very wet.

I noticed that the American Coach line used a chrome-plated "downspout" that was actually a part used on boats. Although this was elegant, it was relatively expensive at $17, and it greatly limited access to cleaning out the vent pipe from the outside.

So, Mary made a trip to a local hardware store and came back with this vent cover made by Deflecto-Shield:

This vent cover deflects downward and comes with a little plastic basket that keeps birds out. I did not install this as this is not likely to be a problem for a motorcoach.

Installation was simple. It was not necessary to removed the old vent cover as the new one fits nicely on top of the old one. Just use some weatherproof sealant and screw the new cover to the old cover. Here is a another picture of the new vent cover.

Total cost was $3 and it took about 20 minutes to install. Now, we don't have a problem with rain!

-Submitted by Bob Cook


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