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Installation of EGT Gauge

Concerns over exceeding the maximum exhaust gas temperature when climbing through mountains prompted the installation of an Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge for our Cummins engine.

We purchased a generic gauge and probe kit, then contacted Cummins for information on where to install the probe. The Cummins technician said Cummins does not recommend installing the probe in the exhaust manifold or anywhere ahead of the Turbo because of the potential for the probe to break and take out the Turbo. They said to install the probe 2-3 inches after the Turbo. The EGT will read about 200 degrees less there, but is far safer.

We drilled a 1/8 inch hole in the exhaust pipe 2.5 inches after the Turbo. We made a threaded sleeve out of 1/4 inch high grade Aluminum, drilled and threaded it to hold the probe coupling, and bent it to conform the the radius of the exhaust pipe. We installed the probe into the Al sleeve, cleaned the exhaust pipe and clamped the probe and sleeve onto the pipe.
Note: the probe fits snuggly into the 1/8 hole in the pipe.

Starting the engine, we checked for exhaust leaks and found none. We ran 16 gauge wire from the probe up to and under the dash area. We were able to find a location in the dash where we could drill a 2 1/8 inch hole with a hole saw. We installed the gauge in that location, and hooked up the wires.

On a recent trip into AR we were able to monitor the EGT as we traveled up and through the Ozarks and The Quachita Mountains. It was comforting to know we never exceeded 850 degrees on the gauge (~1050 degrees according to Cummins at the manifold). The Cummins technician said to never exceed 1150 degrees at the manifold. We're now ready for the mountains of the West.


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