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Fender Rattle

Most pre-2000 model D's without the suffer from a rattling noise when travelling at speed under certain conditions. This noise, heard on the driver side of the coach, is often misdiagnosed as coming from the slideout, basement, or generator tailpipe. Most often, it is caused by the side fiberglass panel between the front wheel and the front of the coach flexing.

The cure for this is rather simple - the panel needs to be stiffened. There are various ways to accomplish this, but they all involve attaching lengths of stiffening material to the inside face of this panel. Any stiff material from wood to pvc can be used, just be sure that it will stand up to the weather and moisture. The material can either be fiberglassed or glued to the inside face of the panel. Usually, several pieces are required to provide adeqate rigidity to the D's fender. To provide maximum rigidity, a brace can be added between the stiffener and the chassis.

- Submitted by Bob Cook


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