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Galley Faucet Replacement

Diana hated the single handle on the galley faucet, and I hated repairing it every few months. I went to Home depot and bought an two-handle washerless faucet to replace the old one. The hardest part was cutting the Corian counter top. No one could give me an answer as how to cut Corian, they all said I would need a diamond blade and had to use water. I contacted Dupont and they said I would have to take it to one of their distributors to have it cut. I had an old piece of Corian so I tried cutting it with my scroll saw. I finally found using a very slow speed, about 750 cycles, cut no more than an inch at a time, then take a ten minute break worked just fine. If you cut to fast for to long the Corian welds itself back together from the heat and you'll be in plenty of trouble. My wife loves her new faucet and counter top.

- Submitted by Bob Durgin


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