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Generator Tips

On the LP genny, the oil filter is recessed and it is very difficult to remove. Go to WalMart and get a cup-style oil filter wrench that fits a Mercedes/Audi, and it will fit the filter exactly. As an alternative when replacing the oil filter, you can get a filter with a fitting that will fit a half-inch socket.

Several owners report a possible problem with condensate from the air conditioner hose dripping first on a wire bundle and then directly on the electronic controls for the genny. The fix is to fashion a cover -either metal or plastic baggy - to protect the genny controls from the dripping water.

Onan reports that the life of their generators will be drastically shortened if the field windings are subjected to high-humidity conditions, particularly around ocean spray. Accordingly, it may be a good idea to run the generator sufficiently to get it warmed up and evaporate any moisture particularly when parked near the ocean or in any condition that subjects the genny to condensing humidity.

If your generator won't start or fails to run after a period of time, here are some tips:

  1. Certain Freightliner chassis have a defective VDC which causes an ALMOST EMPTY fuel gauge to read over 1/4 full. Your diesel generator has a fuel pickup that is stops taking up fuel at approx the quarter-full mark. So, you may think you have sufficient fuel when your tank is actually almost empty. Click Here for details.
  2. Make sure your generator is full of oil and that the oil sender is properly hooked up and working.
  3. Try changing your generator oil. One member reportedly had this problem, and after numerous costly failed attempts to diagnose and fix, was finally advised by a mechanic that the oil was likely breaking down and thinning out so much that the pressure sensor was shutting the system down.
  4. Several D owners have reported problems with their generator. The generator would start and run with no load, but as soon as a load is put on, the generator stops. Here are some possible solutions:
    • Bad voltage regulator.
    • Bad LP regulator (this requires the generator be dropped to replace the LP regulator).
    • Pinched LP fuel line. I assume this could also happen to a diesel generator.
  5. Several D owners have also reported that their generator (LP or Diesel) will run, but that it will not supply power to the coach. Assuming that the circuit breakers on the genny are not tripped, inspect the transfer relay. Most D's have two tansfer relays, and the one under the refrigerator should be inspected.


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