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Inside Grab Bars

I wanted a grab-bar on the right hand side of the door to use when leaving the coach. I went down to the local marine store, West Marine (also available on line at "", then choose Fasteners, then choose rail fittings, then choose hand rails, then choose Teak handrails). The two-loop fitting is 23" long and the exact width of the doorframe. Cost $12.89, plus shipping. I used six #10, two-inch long stainless steel panhead screws through the door frame into the grab-bar, and it works like a charm. (See the new grab-bar inside the door on the 2000 D for another version).

-Submitted by Ed Kennedy.

And finally, the grab-bar on the 98 models on the underside of the door well cover was too far inside the coach for me or my short wife to use. So I unscrewed it, and moved it outboard to a convenient location. Then I put one of the short teak rails (from West Marine, cost $8.39) across the top of cover, placed where it just clears the underlying floor structure, and screwed through the carpet into the wood. The teak when finished with clear Varathane is close to the other interior Discovery wood in color.

-Submitted by Ed Kennedy.


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