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Grey Tank Cleaner

We tried a completely different approach to correcting the consistently inaccurate grey tank level sensor reading. We purchased a Tornado tank cleaning systemn ~$25 at Camping World. This unit spreads water through a series of jets, some going straight ahead and others rotate on a 90 degree angle, but all rotate under water pressure covering a lot of area.

Installation requires first locating your grey water tank. Usually you will be able to find one end of it in the water connections compartment. In our case, the tank was located behind a flat steel panel.

First I drilled a five inch hole in this steel panel. To keep from damaging the tank I slipped a 3/8 inch piece of plywood between the tank and the steel.

Following the Tornado instructions I drilled a 1 3/4 inch hole in the grey tank in the center of the five inch hole.

We looked into the gray tank through the 1 3/4 inch hole and could see the grease build up on the sensors. Using Simple Green and a bottle brush, we thoroughly cleaned the sensors.

Using Attwood 7200 Marine Sealant from Walmart, I covered the base of the Tornado, then installed the Tornado in the 1 3/4 inch hole using the supplied screws.

After letting the sealant set up for 24 hours, we hooked up a water hose, tried the system, and it worked perfectly. We have used this system for the last year with excellent results. After every trip, we empty the grey tank, then run the Tornado until the grey tank is at least half full. We empty the tank and let the Tornado run for another few minutes with the grey tank valve open. Our sensore now work correctly everytime.

Submitted by Jim Fox


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