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HDTV Installation

The following conversion was done by Donna Huffer and Bob Parker in a 2006 35H. As you can see from their blog article below, Bob has done an outstanding job!

The completed project showing the storage. Two shelves were added as the floor of the cabinet was slanted. He added a strip of wood on the floor and small manuals can be stored there without sliding out. So there are really 3 shelfs.

Bob mounted the bottom of the TV on "L" brackets. It is just setting on them as he wasn't too sure about screwing thru the TV itself.

A piano hinge is used on one side to access the storage area that is created. He used web strapping to hold the TV to the surface of the frame work.

Here you can see the 2 "L" brackets, the hinge and the strapping. Since our frame was on a slant he also added an "L" bracket to the right side so the TV wouldn't shift when the door was opened.

To keep the door frame shut he used a window latch on the left side.

Here is the left side of the TV cabinet.


The bedroom TV was also on a factory installed hinge for watching TV from the bed. It had a shelf attached to the frame which was removed that the TV sat on. Bob removed the frame to add the TV to it and then reattached the frame to the compartment.

It was mounted on "L" brackets but he was able to screw them into the TV (be sure you won't hit internal wiring in the TV.)

This TV sits flat and not tilted. He used a sliding bolt (bottom left) to lock the frame in place when on the road. Drilled a hole into the paneling of the wall.

He added a shelf for our internet components to sit on and the printer and paper are on the bottom shelf.

Submitted by: Bob Parker & Donna Huffer


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