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Stop the Cold Air and Bad Smell!

My wife got tired of cool air coming out of the heater vent in the kitchen, and for the ones in the floor in the bedroom she wanted to cover them with something other than a rug. So, she employed some magnet strips with wood grain shelf contact paper applied for the kitchen vent, and some carpet remnants for the bedroom floor vents. I've attached some photos to demonstrate how it is applied. This idea does a good job of keeping cool air out in winter and the floor vents are kept free of dust and dirt, so when you do need the rear heater it doesn't blow a year worth of dust all over the place.

The magnet sheets can be obtained from many sources; we got ours at an arts and crafts store. The contact paper is available at most drug stores and home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.

Submitted by: John & Kim Lawrence


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