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Interior Light Replacement

Here's a tip for getting rid of the old RV light fixtures. The twelve volt fixtures are usually one or two bulbs with a built in switch, not real attractive. They can be easily replaced by purchasing 120V fixtures from Home Depot. etc. so long as the new fixtures accept standard incandescent bulbs. Camping World sells both 25W and 50W 12V light bulbs that will screw into the 120 V sockets.

  1. Purchase the fixture of your choice and a push button On/Off switch.
  2. Drill a 7/16 hole in the side of the fixture to hold the push button switch.
  3. Remove the existing fixture from the RV after turning off the house batteries.
  4. Wire the new fixture using the existing coach wires, one to the switch and the other to the opposite fixture wire.
  5. Using dry wall or equivalent 1 1/4 inch screws, mount the new fixture where the old fixture was. Be careful not to strip the screws. If required, you can pre drill more support holes in the new fixture base before you install it.
  6. Add the 25 or 50 watt 12V light bulbs from Camping World. I recommend 25W bulbs to minimize potential heat in the fixture.
  7. Complete the job by installing the fixture "globe".

Submitted by Jim Fox


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