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Magic Chef Stove Safety Issue

Several of our members have reported the following safety issue with their Magic Chef stoves in D's prior to 1999:
"When using the high-capacity front burner, the valve sticks open and the gas cannot be shut off. In some cases, the burner gets so hot that the plastic knob melts."

There was an article about this in the Sept/Oct 1999 issue of ESCAPEES magazine. The authors of this article believed that they were getting the run-around from Magic Chef/Maytag/Maycor and have contacted the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA).

NHTSA agreed that this should be considered a life-threatening situation and they would like to hear from others experiencing this problem. Please contact them at 800-424-9393 Extension 999.

One other Escapees member allegedly got Maycor to admit to a design flaw and agreed to pay to have another brand of stove installed in their RV.

If you are having this problem with your Magic Chef stove, contact Fleetwood. Do not attemp any repairs yourself, unless you are an expert.

Please remember to contact the NHTSA if you have had a problem. Also, please contact the webmaster and advise of your repair experiences with Maycor or Fleetwood.


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